Monday, January 17, 2011

Week in review

Second week into consolidation.
Joel was given the okay to be paroled and he was hoping to go home for three days in between treatment.  But due to the weather we decided not to risk it.  So Monday morning we went on a field trip to Long and Mcquaid.  Joel did lots of drooling and tried out several electric guitars.  He walked out of the store with a Fender Jazzmaster.  She does not have a name yet but I know he is cuddling up with her every time I am not looking. 

Tuesday, Joel got up and had breakfast and then went back to bed.  He got up for lunch and then went back to bed.  He got up for supper and I forced him to stay away till bedtime. 

Wednesday, Joel was well rested.  After Breakfast Joel started working on his last physics test.  Then Uncle Stephen came for a visit and distracted him.  They drooled over the guitar for awhile and Joel even let Uncle Stephen play a little bit.  Auntie Rachel also came later in the day and brought home made soup..... yum.  They both stayed for supper as the Temple Shalom came and put on a family dinner.  Roasted chicken, quiche, rice and mushrooms, lentil soup, lentil salad, spanakopita, banana bread and cake.

Thursday we were at the hospital at 9:00 am for a lumbar puncture and spinal chemo.  Joel had to lay flat for an hour after.  Then he got his next chemo (ARAC).  Stopped at Starbucks for a Venti Chai Tea Latte as they do wonder for the headaches that star 5 minutes after chemo treatments.  Then it was home for a rest and to play the new guitar.

Friday we went on another field trip...  off to explore Granville Island.  It took me driving, the GPS and Joel telling me where to turn but eventually we arrived.  There Joel found a  picure of the woman of his dreams.  Or maybe it was just a picture of any woman but she was holding the food of his dreams.

And I saw the school of my dreams
We saw a dream house
We saw lots of amazing little stores and could have emptied both our bank accounts but we left with only a freshly baked bagel, covered in cream cheese and dripping with jam.
Then it was off to the hospital for chemo.   We were in and out quickly.... less than half an hour.  Joel started limping within 5 minutes of treatment and the headache started.  We picked up a chai tea and then it was back to  RM House for a nap.

Saturday we went to Mein Heart to pick up some groceries.  Then it was off to chemo.  The hospital was busy so Joel had to wait for treatment and for blood results.  Red counts were low so that means transfusions tomorrow.  The nurse told him to go eat some steak so it was off to the Keg for supper.  Prime rib and horseradish.....just following nurses orders.

Sunday was a long day at the hospital, 10:00am till 4:00pm.  Chemo and then two units of blood.  I think the first unit was from a very grumpy and unhappy person but the second seemed to be from someone with a much happier disposition.  After the hospital we drove downtown and got takeout from Gorilla Foods, a raw food restaurant... pizza, burger, shakes and chocolate cake.  All yummy.

Monday, Joel finished up his physics test.  I think he is dragging it out as long as possible just because he doesn't want it to end.  We will go mail off his last physics unit today and hopefully go for a cruise along the ocean.  The sun is shining today and we will look for a beach.  Or maybe not.... it looks like Joel is sleeping again.

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