Sunday, January 16, 2011

January 16, 2011

So, I have been incredibly busy lately, doing nothing and things of something. When I've been feeling up to it I've been getting out and being all adventurous. Last night I went to the Keg for the first time, and man their steak is good! Finally made it to Grandville island the day before that, and that was cool, found a place that has really good bagels, and the guy that made it really knows how to lay the cream cheese on :D And a week or two ago I went to a music store, and yes, I actually bought myself a guitar. A little Fender Jazzmaster, yep, she's a beaut and my new baby. Right now I'm sitting in the hospital, just got chemo and gonna get someone else’s blood pumped into me in a minute, weird aye!?! So I’ll be here for the next four hours if everything goes good. Oh, and apparently the one chemo I get is basically just mustard gas, I mean, how sweet is that! Ya, I’m not psychotic! Hehe *twitch* Gonna try and hit an evening service at a church just down the road, if it works out. Been a while since I’ve been to church in person so hopefully.


  1. Yay! You've got the blog up-and-running! Don't worry, you'll get addicted to it soon ;)
    Much love...

  2. Steaks at the Keg are great, however, their Caesar's are equally yummy. Tell Mom they are good for you, lots of veg. juice.