Friday, January 14, 2011

December 15, 2010

Ok, so I was writing a message to a real cool person, then I realized I should write an update, so I'm being lazy and copying most of it here! 
So a few people were wondering when I'm coming back for a visit, maybe a sunday next month would be sweet. But I have no idea how time here in Van will work, first phase of treatments continues for sure till end of month, and once there we'll see if I need another two weeks continued first session treatment. Then after that depending on how I respond to treatment or if we need to change treatment, it may mean visits starting back home. But really we have no idea till we quite literally get there! And for the first while they'll be short and farther in between, maybe! So we'll all be praying for that too, as He's about the only one who knows, which is so flipping SWEET!!! Tommorrow I'm going in for a wee bone marrow and getting some chemo, so I'll be all drugged up and happy tomorrow and then Friday Ill probably sleep all day so I might not be on facebook till saturday-ish! For a more personal prayer request, each and every one of the fruits of the Spirit! I actually stopped and though about each one individually today/yesterday and ya, I could use every single one! Get to have the whole family together in a week so really excited for that!!! My Mom got home safe today, thanks for all the prayers for her, as well as all the others too!!! Because our Heavenly Father is so good, peace out!!!

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