Friday, January 14, 2011

December 30, 2010

Haha, doing good! Sounds like my Mom and both the bro’s are coming down Monday, Lord willing :) Got another bone biopsy tomorrow and that should tell us where the cancers at. Their also gonna do another spinal tap, which is just putting ...a little chemo in my lower spine just to get anything that might be hiding in there and I think they might take a little juice out too, just to check what‘s going on in there. So, that’s tomorrow, get to the hospital at ten and when they can get me in they’ll do the procedure. This may mean waiting around for a while, or it might all happen quick, bring a good book aye? So that’s tomorrow. I'm actually eating very good, especially considering its two guys batching it for the most part!!! Just to throw that out there ;) Steroids + an amazing Whole Foods grocery store... lets just say I like that store right now, a lot!!! Filled with a strength and joy right now that is straight from God, and its amazing! One day at a time and really working just to let God have control in everything, gotta say it makes things way nicer. Off to bed now, God bless ya’ll!!!

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