Friday, January 14, 2011

December 14

OK, so we got a little bit of info from the bone marrow today! 
Basically, when I first came in, the cancer in the bone marrow was full (as expected) so that amount is considered the 100 percent mark. Last bone marrow was done on day 8 of procedure and that percentage mark was at 12 percent, which is a...bout normal for most cases. They were kinda hoping it would be under 5 percent as that would mean I'm responding very well to the treatment, but we'll definetly take this! :D It may just mean a few more treatments down the road is all. Thursday will be day 15 of procedure and I'll have another bone marrow just so they can see how treatment is affecting me and another at the end of the month. There has been talk of starting a little bit of chemo treatment Vernon, so down the road I might be able to do a bit of stuff there, something to keep in your prayers if you think of it! God has truly been amazing, last night I was up for a while and I was totally having this "on fire" time with God and really seeing the good side of stuff and kinda thankful for this in a weird yet really sweet kinda way! Feeling really good, had a nap which was beautiful. Got to see my Mom which was sweet, she came last night and weather permitting she'll head home tomorrow so pray for a safe trip for her. I'll be staying up here for Christmas which I'm fine with and the family will be coming up next week-ish so prayer for safe trip for everyone there would be greatly appreciated! Because of Christ, for He is good, we will praise Him together!!!

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