Friday, January 14, 2011

December 22, 2010

"It's when your on fire, that you shine!"

The results from the bone marrow got back, the percentage mark of leukemia in my bones as of the fifteenth day of treatment is down to 9% from the previous 12%. God be praised, its creeping down! I think we’re on day 20-ish of treatment t...oday. There’s a meeting on the fourth of January that we’ll kinda figure out where we are at and we’ll start to make the plan for future treatment.
Feeling really good, and am so incredibly blessed. Really filled with a strength right now that is straight from the Lord, its totally not me and I have this huge feeling of peace and joy. Oh the glory of our Christ. This is a fire I pray will never dim. It may get hard here, it might not, its totally in God’s hands and as long as I’m hanging on to Him, it’ll never be too much. Just gotta remember that God never gives us more in a day than we can take, its when we take on the burdens of tomorrow that we become overwhelmed. We can learn from the past, plan for the future, and live a life to the full, in the moment.
Family’s coming down tomorrow, super excited to see them. Prayers for a safe trip for them would be greatly appreciated. Side note: with the family coming down and Christmas I might not get on here so if it’s even a week or more without hearing from me, don’t panic. I’ll probably get on but just in case I don’t. It’s been amazing having all the prayers from everyone, I can’t explain it at all but they have been huge. They are definitely doing something! Might try hitting Grandview Island today if it works. Please pray for a boy here at RM House, he just got diagnosed with a cancer quite similar to mine. But he had some bad reactions to the one chemo we had both gotten and, though I was fine, he actually went into cardiac arrest, or something very similar. He’s looking a lot better and they are hoping he can come to Ronald Macdonald House tomorrow night from the hospital. It was pretty hard on the family and a big scare, their doing good now but it shook them up. Pray that I have a chance to share Christ with them, living alongside of them here. Pray that He shines though to this family and all the families around us here. Totally floundering in the love of my King, and absolutely loving it!!!

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