Thursday, January 27, 2011

January 25,2011

is, and proudly so!

Well, I've been hanging witha bunch of people lately. it's been great being with all of you guys! Treatments continue and at the end of next month the docs'll check where I'm at again. So just pluggin along right now, going through the w...orks. hopefully I'll get home for a visit here soon. Been a little moody lately, on and off, just feeling rather down and not really wanting to be all brave. Honestly I was wondering if i really did want to keep fighting. I saw a girl outside theh hospital a few weeks ago yelling something, mom said she was tired of getting poked, I now sorta see how she felt. Anywho, I was listening to Robin Mark today, and man that guy is good! His one song is called "When it's all said and done", and ya, not manly, but I cried. So ya, I'm doing good again! I needed that, i was trying to stand on my own and i can't. learned my lesson, lets see how long i remember it this time, aye? In Christ, Joel

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