Friday, January 14, 2011

December 28, 2010

Is doing great! The family's heading home right now, bummed to see them go but I'll be seeing them again soon. Gerbrandts are coming today, stoked for that. I decided to be lazy again and just copy most of an email to a really cool indivividual of amazing incredibleness. So ya, God is amazing to me, even while I don't deserve it at all, he still carries me through.
Thank you everyone for all the prayers and Christmas cards, they are beautiful and amazing and majorly encouraging! Love you all, in Christ!!!

I'm actually doing really good and feeling really close to God. I had a really good talk with Him... a few nights ago, just getting a lot of straight and lettiing myself more than anyone know that I'm fine if He takes me home. Now before you freak out from that statement, I am fine! This isn't a terminal cancer, just a bit of an annoying one. Totally getting yourself right with God on the whole matter of death is such a load off though. i've just had major peace ever since, cuz, worst that can happen, I'm ok with it. The only thing I'd worry about is the pain it would leave behind. So emotionally I'm doing great! Treatments aren't bad, chemo is either given through needles or IV poles so that's a breeze and I haven't had any major side affects other than the one day I had some muscle pains in my chest and back which hurt, but not to bad, and it went away after a while. Steroids make me rather tired and occasionally dopey (to a rather stupid level sometimes). The odd slight headache but nothing too bad yet thankfully. sleep comes and goes at night, I usually have a nap for an hour or two after lunch, and that usually keeps me going "right tooten dandy" till bed time. Bowels are a biggy, as awkward as that sounds ;) laxitives and prunes are a gift delivered straight from Heaven. Without I'd be dying! And ya, that's an honest "how I am". Christ is amazing and I am a sinner. Even now, I try and push God away, trying to control little stuff like what I eat and when, how it'll affect me and just trying to take control of what little I could. Emotionally it started getting rather obssessive and ridiculous. And then I clued into the fact that it didn't matter, yes I gotta plan meals so my bowels don't make me regret it. But its only food (or what ever that little thing is), in light of eternity, whats a single meal aye? Hand in hand we carry on, living life to the full in the arms of our Savior, one day at a time, in Christ alone. Theres gonna be a big meeting on the fourth of January and that'll tell us where I'm at, what kind of treatment we'll be doing and DNA-wise how I am and how that'll affect treatment and hopefully get some sort of plan together.

And ya, geting caught up on the messages slowly. I love hearing from you guys and if I don't get back to you, please don't let that slow you down. gonna run now,
Because of Christ,

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