Friday, January 14, 2011

December 18, 2010

 Is doing amazing!!! Internets been down last few days so here’s the updates:
Thursday went great and I was in the hospital at 9 AM and out by 11AM, which was great. That day went great. And I wrote the following that evening.
“I am so overwhelmed with God’s goodness, and amazingness and so totally beyond anything words could ever say. Here I am, a young man entering into manhood, one of the hardest stages in life, finds out he has cancer, and is totally, ecstatically, madly in love with his Creator. I am saved, I am totally in His hands, I am surrounded by so many amazing fellow Christians who are majorly holding me up in prayer and I will be with for eternity. I KNOW MY SAVIOR DEEPLY! Nothing on this earth or beneath can ever touch me. But from above the earth I am completely saturated with God. Lord let me shine bright, my brothers and sisters in Christ let me call upon you! We are going to do something great, every moment we are dedicating to Christ from this moment onward. We are going to fight for every soul against that devil, we are bringing them to our Heavenly Father. Holy Spirit we cry, fill us, help us for we are nothing without you, yet in You oh Triune God, we are filled so far beyond eternity! I love You Jesus, MY JESUS! You, my King, are my desire, and this is my pledge!”

I wrote this on Friday, rather repetitive but ya!
So, yesterday’s chemo and biopsy went great, actually was done and out of the hospital by about eleven AM and we had gotten there at 9 AM. In and drugged up and out pretty nicely, not much waiting around. Then hung out with Glen Janzen for the afternoon which was a hoot! Then that evening I wrote the previous paragraph there, and oh boy, is God ever good!!! Today is sunny and me and my dad went on a beautiful walk this morning around a few blocks. Eating and sleeping are getting figured out nicely, God’s really showing me what to do, though steroids and self control don’t always mix well! ;) Headaches haven’t been much of a problem, the odd slight one but as long as I don’t overdo it, I’m good. Looking forward to seeing the family up here in a few days!!! Continually amazed in God’s majesty and loving it!!!

Today I’m good, a little achey but not too bad! Gonna keep er pretty quiet today! God is amazing and all glory and praise to him!!!

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