Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Joel is coming home

Joel was discharged from Children's Hospital this evening.  He is spending the night at Ronald MacDonald House and then taking the Shriners Bus and coming home tomorrow.  He finally had an ultrasound this afternoon to see what the clot was doing.  It has come back in his thigh, not what we were wanting to hear, but his body seems to be finding an alternate blood flow route thru his leg.  The doctors are hoping that the clot becomes dormant, there is not much left that they can do to prevent it or clear it out.  The vein may be useless now, and it is just a waiting game to see what happens.  He was told today that he will be on the blood thinners at least 6 months.  He will have to wear the stockings for the rest of his life and he will probably battle swelling in his leg always too.  He had been hoping to be snowboarding this winter and paint-balling again in the summer but I guess he will have to find some new hobbies that have no risk of bruising.  His calculus is sitting on my sewing table just waiting for him, I wonder if that will be just as fun and exciting as snowboarding?  Anyway, I have a new mission now too, I need to go make lots of fattening food for him.  Thanks again for all your prayers.

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