Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Another Update

And just like that things get turned around again.  When Joel went down to surgery to get the sheath removed, they noticed more clotting starting.  A different doctor was on today and it was late in the afternoon.  He went in with the chemical and the drill and ended up tearing a vein.  Heparin had to be stopped, I think it can be started again in another hour or so.  It will take about a day for the vein to heal so the chemical they use to clear the vein cannot be used for at least another 24 hours.  The veins they are working in are starting to narrow because of all the work they have been doing in there so they will have to put a permanent stint into one vein for sure.  He is being put back into the Step Down Unit so that he can be constantly monitored. So that means another noisy, busy night with his leg being moved, poked and prodded several times an hour.  And a few more nights at VGH.  He has no internet, hooking up the tv has been complicated because of all the moving around and changing rooms…..  he is bored and tired of being immobile.
The plan for tomorrow is to wait until the vein has healed, then go in and clean it out again and put in the permanent stint.  Still no ideas as to why his body is reacting this way or why his blood is trying so hard to clot in that section of his body.
And me?  I am sitting here putting off publishing this post,  it hurts too much.  I am asking why, why Joel, hasn't he been thru enough?  I just want him home and healthy.  I want maintenance to be easy.


  1. Oh, I wish I could give you a hug right now. And that it would make everything better.
    I was asking God that same question today...

  2. Kirsten, We too wish we had the answer. Kirsten we are praying on you, Joel, Grant, Aarie and Adam. May God keep you the way he needs to keep you , be it strong or week, at this time. You guys need anything just let us know.
    Shirley for the family