Monday, February 20, 2012

Back at Childrens

Joel was transfered back to Children's Hospital yesterday around noon when a bed finally opened up.  He is in great spirits.  I chatted with him on Facebook in the afternoon and again on the phone in the evening.  He was very happy to have internet again and catch up will all his friends.  He has lost 10 pounds so my mission when he gets home will be to fatten him up, again.  I should start baking now!
 He didn't realize the size of his blood clot until yesterday when we were talking on the phone.  He figured it was at least 2 feet long and he is quite proud of it!?!  He is quite impressed with how much money has been put into keeping him going…… he says he will never ever complain about paying taxes cause there is no way that he will ever be able to repay what healthcare has shelled out on him.  Anyway he looks at it, he says he is coming out ahead.  Got to love that boys attitude.
We don't know the plan yet, I talked to Grant this morning but only one of the doctors had been in to give him a quick checkup.  The swelling in his leg has really gone down which is great because they had told us that his leg might be swollen for at least 6 months.  He is walking a bit, very slowly but a little more everyday. It looks like the only reason he is being kept in the hospital right now it so he can continue getting the two different kinds of IV antibiotics every 6 hours but we don't know how much longer he needs to be on those, probably not much longer.  He is off for another ultrasound this morning and the results should answer many of our current questions.  Hopefully he will be discharged soon and sent over to Ronald MacDonald House.
He is back on his oral chemo and antibiotics again.  Tomorrow he gets vincristine and starts back on the prednesone.   That concerns me a bit cause it is the prednesone that causes the pain in all his joints and it was shortly after taking it that the problems with the clot started.
I felt very overwhelmed yesterday at Church.  I probably wouldn't have even gone if I didn't have kids who all wanted to go, but it was just what I needed.  So encouraged to see and hear how many people love Joel and are praying for him.  Our family has been blessed and we are so thankful.  Words just can't express it.

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