Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Back to Vancouver

Joel noticed some swelling in his leg this afternoon.  I was on the phone with Children's most of the afternoon describing symptoms, asking and answering questions.  Today's blood work all looked really good and he was told to start back on the chemo today.
So he went into Vernon for more antibiotics tonight.  The ones they were giving him didn't seem to be working so they gave him a more powerful kind, I think he gets this one every 6 hours instead of every 24 hours.  He still had a high fever and so much pain.  Two morphine pills every 4 hours didn't help at all with the pain.  His leg started turning red so they did another ultrasound.  This time they found a clot in his leg so tonight he and Grant fly back down to Vancouver.  I am not sure what the plans are, someone in Vancouver will assess him again when he gets to the hospital.  The doctor here said something about surgery, maybe to insert some kind of umbrella that will catch any pieces of the clot just in case any break off.  They have given him blood thinner and lots more morphine…… that is all I know tonight.

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