Saturday, February 11, 2012

Surgery Day

Joel went down for surgery at 11:30 this morning.  It went very well, they were able to remove most of the clot and he was back upstairs by 2:00 pm.  He is in a little room now so that he can be monitored closely all night.  Only one of us is allowed to be with him at a time so Grant will be staying with him and sleeping tonight in the family lounge.  Tomorrow morning he will go back to surgery and they will assess his leg and see if it needs any more work.  Right now there is good blood flow thru the vein.  They left the stint in his leg, it comes out just behind the left knee, if everything looks good tomorrow then hopefully they will remove it.  He is in lots of pain right now and they are just working at finding the right amount of medication so that he is comfortable.  Grant texted me a little while ago and said that he is finally sleeping.  He is fighting a high fever again but that is probably just from all the stress on his body.  I probably won't know much more until tomorrow.
Having surgery on Saturday or Sunday is definitely the way to go though..... no one before him, no one after him.  He had the whole wing to himself and the angioplasty team.

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  1. Hello

    You don't know me but I know Joel's grandma (Gail)I will add my prayers to others who are already praying for Joel (and his family)

    God bless