Thursday, February 9, 2012

Still waiting

So I guess that when Joel does anything he wants it to be noticed.  His philosophy must be, "Go big or go home".  The results from the ultrasound show that the clot goes from his knee to his belly button.
Tomorrow they are planning on doing some kind of echo or stress test on his heart.  It will show if the clot is still growing.  They are watching for any signs of chest pain or difficulty breathing cause that would mean that the clot is still growing and moving into the lungs.  After all the testing is finished they will assess the results and come up with a plan.  Right now they are thinking of doing surgery tomorrow afternoon (if there is an opening in the operating room) and putting in a filter.  They don't want to discuss the risks or complications with us yet as a decision has not been finalized yet.  So after midnight Joel is not allowed to eat or drink anything.  He is still fighting the daily fevers, they are doing blood cultures everyday to rule out if he is septic.  If his blood is clear then they will start him back on the chemo.  I am torn, I know he needs the chemo in order to stay in remission but his body is so beat up right now that I hate to see anything else going into it.  He is still in lots of pain and his left leg is not functional right now.  He was too tired to talk to me on the phone today, he is just doing a lot of sleeping and resting.
Grant snuck out for an hour this afternoon and picked up a change of clothes for both of them.
I have given Grant my list of questions for the doctors.
It is really hard for me to be here and not down in Vancouver.
Grant borrowed a laptop for Joel from the clinic today so send him an email and lots of love.

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