Monday, March 5, 2012

For Gramma Gail

Just thought we would give you a preview of what you get to see in a few weeks.
She is growing fast and awful cute.
Adam and Ari fight over her.

We have all enjoyed having Brianna around.  She has been spoiling the boys with lots of treats.
 She also forced them to learn how to change diapers.
She had to bribe them with hockey cards.
 Ari kept his arms straight in front of him and stayed as far away from her as he could.  He even gagged a bit.  Then he ran to the bathroom and sterilized his hands. 
Adam did a magic trick and…..
…. now Ari has a moustache. 

 Joel's hair is coming in nice and thick, and dark.
I am hoping it ends up like his Grandpa Janzen's, black and wavy.
Joel is doing good, getting stronger and walking more everyday.  
He got ID'd for the first time last week….. Just talk to Pastor Jeff if you have any questions about that!
I am trying very hard to fatten him up.  His appetite is improving slowly.  I cooked him beef tenderloin in butter and I make him lots of pudding and instead of making it with milk, I use cream.  Hopefully the rest of the family doesn't develop heart or clogged artery issues.


  1. I love the pictures,

    We continue to pray for Joel and all his family.
    Looking for a complete healing.

    Sandy, (a friend of Grandma Gail)

  2. Cutest baby ever! Can't wait to meet her. Thanks for the pictures Kirsten. Joel is looking great.
    Gramma Gail