Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Something to celebrate

It was a beautiful and perfect day.  It was decided at 9:00 am that Joel and Grant would be able to come out.  Uncle Rick was kind enough to drive out to Vancouver and pick them up.  It made Brianna's day.  It was a day full of happy tears.
Grant walked Brianna aisle.
The groom cried.
I witnessed the whole event.

 Brianna cried when she saw Joel.

Joel with the most beautiful single ladies in attendance.
Brianna had the best bridesmaids ever.
 I got to do the father/daughter dance and it made Brianna cry again.

 Adam was way too cool to dance.
 Ari couldn't wait to show off his moves.

 Cake was smeared. 

I have no idea what this was about but it makes me laugh.
 Uncle Stephen played the part of "dad" and made everyone laugh.
 Thank you Brianna and Shane for giving us something to celebrate and things to look forward to.

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