Wednesday, August 3, 2011

please pray

Grant took Joel back to emergency last night and they were flown to Vancouver in the middle of the night.  The boys and I are following this morning.  He was still throwing everything up and his head still hurt yesterday.  Then the left side of his body went numb.  They did a CAT scan and found a blood clot in his brain.  So, I guess he was having a stroke.  When I went to see him last night he was joking and teasing me about my bad sense of direction, he was alert and his cognitive functions were all fine.  He was on lots of morphine and feeling really good.  They have given him two kinds of medication that should dissolve the clot.  Grant said he would only phone me if there was bad news and he hasn't called yet.


  1. You are all so in our hearts and we are praying for you!! Love from the Flatens

  2. Thinking of you and praying for you. Get well soon so I can make you that Krautstudel. Love from Megan's Grandma (Donna Turcotte)

  3. Praying every time you guys enter my thoughts (which is A LOT!) :-)
    Love and hugs ~ the Goldenthals