Saturday, August 27, 2011

Boys and their toys

First, Joel is safely back from camp and he had a great time.  He even gave himself several of his needles.  He went for blood work Friday and all his counts were good so he goes for chemo in Vernon on Monday.  He just gets Vincristine and  an escalating dose of Methotrexate. 
Tonight he is going to a birthday party but his counts are up so I am okay with it.

Adam and Ari had jobs this summer doing chores at some of the neighbours.   They saved up all their hard earned cash and bought these….

After the first hit there were a few tears but they didn't last long.  It was too much fun and the pain was worth it. 

My Mennonite pacifist upbringing does not know what to think of it all.

This is Grants truck.  It doesn't want to go up the mountain to get firewood anymore.  It refuses.  It doesn't have an emergency brake either, if you want to park on a hill you have to jam a piece of wood behind the tire.

Grants dad just bought himself a new truck and he wanted to give his old truck to Grant.  Grant went and picked it up this past week.

Here is Grants new truck.
It has lots of bling.
Can you read what the sticker says?
Grant was horrified and said that I was not allowed to drive it until that came off.  He also said he couldn't drive it to church with that on it.

This is what it says now.
Once again, my Mennonite upbringing does not know what to thing of all that shiny bling.
I am in conflict here.

On a completely different note, this is one of three fauns that are living in our field.  Every morning they are in the garden feasting on the blueberry and strawberry plants.  They are so cute so I don't mind sharing.

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