Monday, August 8, 2011

Joel gets to come home

Brianna is now married.  It was a beautiful wedding, very busy and a bit of a blur but I have over 400 pictures of the day on my camera.  I will post some when I get home.
Joel gave himself his needle this morning.  It took him about 15 minutes and we were all laughing so hard and he was shaking.  It took him two pokes, the first one he got into his leg but accidentally pulled it right back out.  I am sure that in no time he will be like Rambo and able to stitch up all his own wounds.
Joel had another CAT-scan this morning.  His blood counts have all dropped so he will not be starting chemo this week.  We will meet with Dr. Dix in the morning to get the results of the scan and a plan for the rest of the chemo and then Joel gets to go home for a week.  He is a happy boy.

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