Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A chip on my shoulder

So, this round of chemo was supposed to be my turn to come down with Joel.  But somehow Grant weaseled his way into coming down with Joel.  He got to be a part of Joel's first ambulance ride to the airport and then they got to fly down on a super cool fast jet at one in the morning.  I guess the ocean and city lights looked amazing.  I got to drive down in the heat of the day with a van full of kids.  Life just doesn't seem fair.
Anyway I am down here now and visiting with Joel and he is doing very well.  The numbness on the left side of his body is gone.  He is getting a couple of needles in the legs everyday which is supposed to make the clot not grow any bigger and then his body should be able to get rid of the clot on its own without any extreme measures being needed.   I don't know yet how long he will have to get the shots for but one of the nurses said she would teach him how to give them to himself and then he could just do it himself at home.  He DOES NOT want to give himself shots.
The clot was a side effect from the PEG-aspariginase (the two needles he gets in the leg).  He was due for another dose of it on Friday but I'm not sure how that is going to work now.  He is actually supposed to get 4 more doses of it through out the next few months but we are just waiting to hear back from all the specialist about how this will affect the rest of his treatments.
Chemo depletes the body of certain nutrients and minerals and the PEG-Aspariginase has depleted Joel's body of what ever it is that keeps the blood from forming clots.  The pediatrician did tell me what the nutrient was but I did not write it down and I have forgotten already.
Anyway, I have lots of questions to ask the oncologist tomorrow.  I think we are supposed to meet with the radiologist too so that he can explain the results of the first CAT scan and then I think they will be doing another CAT scan in a few days. 
Joel is tired and his head still hurts so he is still getting a little morphine.  He tends to be way too stoic and doesn't like to take any extra medication.  He is still very nauseated and is not eating yet.  They have been checking him lots for any neurological damage and I don't think they are finding any problems.  Right now things all look really good.  It is just another waiting game.


  1. Waiting and not knowing things that you want to know are two of the very hardest things in life... at least they sure are in my life! Press on Joel! Press on Grant and Kirsten! And the rest of your family as well! This has been a trying week, but God is good... all the time! I wish there was something I could do to help carry some of your burdens... and if there *is* something I could be doing, *please* let me know! Continuing to pray...