Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The things we do for Joel

It was about the middle of December that these pictures were taken.  I know there are lots but without them you don't get the full effect of my boys turning green. 
We were all asked to have our blood work done to see if we were a match for Joel.  It was just for a backup plan as Joel most likely will not need a bone marrow transplant. 
 The boys have always been healthy and had no memories of ever having blood work done.
 They were a bit nervous but I told them we would stop at the toy store after and pick out some lego.
The promise of lego makes everything doable at this age. 
See his face…. oozing with confidence.  He thinks it will be a piece of cake.
 No worries
 No problem
 Just a bit uncomfortable
 It's all good
 You would think
 that all his blood
 was being drained out of his body.
 Not just two little vials.
 All done.  
He had to go lay down after.  I walked him over to the bed and quickly ran back so that I could capture Ari's experience.  
 Ari, after having watched Adam's experience wasn't phased a bit. 
 This will be a piece of cake.
 Oh wait…. is that doubt I see on his face?
 At this point
 I don't think
the promise of lego made it any easier.
  Poor Ari had to be poked in both arms as he mustn't have any veins in his left arm.

 They were both very brave.  Neither made a sound or a complaint.
 Brianna went the following week but I assure you, even though I have no photos, her experience was no different.
Enough time has passed and the boys can look at these picture now and laugh.
 I love my boys.
 Proof of how much we love our Joel
 Joel, we will use this against you one day.
We got the result from the blood work at the beginning of January.
  None of us are a match. 


  1. oh, goodness, they really did turn green, didn't they!! There's love in action... but too bad that none of you are a match :(
    Hopefully that'll never be needed!

  2. These are priceless! Now let's see the pics of you and Grant.
    Grandma Gail

  3. Love it! Way to go boys..