Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Do not be Deceived

Just because I haven't posted about chocolate, doesn't mean I haven't been eating any.  Chocolate has been consumed, inhaled, drunk…. you name it.  And probably on a daily basis.   Today I am missing whole foods which has the biggest selection of interesting chocolate that I have ever seen. 
Chocolate covered honey, mint chocolate, and Mexican stone ground chocolate.  Yum.

 Cinnamon flavoured and one with chili,  I couldn't choose between the two.
Each package has two disks.  One for eating and the other for making hot chocolate.  At least that was my assumption.  

Joel had a great week at home.  He saw lots of friends and said that he felt human again.  He headed back to Vancouver today.  His counts have dropped even lower so he can't start treatment tomorrow.  Maybe Monday.  A big stack of books came today from the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society so I have lots of reading and studying to do. 

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  1. dangit, girl! You never told me about the chocolate at whole foods! That just looks too yummy!!
    And yay for a good week at home!!!