Sunday, February 20, 2011

Our Many Adventures Here In Vancouver

Ok, so it's me and dad down here in Vancouver right now.  Treatments are pretty much the same this month as it was last month.  Yet so far it hasn't hit me near as hard which is quite nice.  I'm still a little naucious at times but not too bad.  So this go round I'm actually a lot more cheerful, poor mom (she had me last month when I was rather sick and miserable).  Dad timed it pretty good aye?  Anyways, we've been exploring Vancouver a little more these last few days 'n we took a few pictures for your enjoyment! 
Here we are just outside of Science World (I think that's what it's called).  We had heard it was partially under construction.  We found out when we got there over 80 percent of it is shut down and it was $15 each just to get in!  We skipped the Imax (five more bucks each) for when the rest of the family comes down.
Me and dad have been trying to join in the true spirit of Vancouver.  As artisticly captured here by dad's amazingly artistic picture taking skills.  I'm jammen on a tin whistle we bought at a music store just up the road.
Here we are on the edge of Stanley Park with massive barges in the background.  And me looking so darn sexy!  (hehe)

And these are some other cool pics we took.  Me and dad also stopped at a restaurant Gypsy Rose; Crepe Cafe.  It was good!  We both split a ham 'n egg 'n cheese crepe and a beta cheese crepe with walnuts and maple syrup.  Man those were good (not as good as yours though mom!).  Saw a bit more of the sun this week which has been great.  We even ate the crepes outside!  One nice thing about Vancouver, early spring.  When I first came the big city seemed just weird and messed up, who in there right mind would want to live here.  Starting to get used to Van now though.  Still think they're nuts for living here though.  As far as cities go Vancouver is a beautiful place.  But my heart's still in the country.  Yet this is an adventure, another step in a long journey dedicated to the Man updoors.  Christ reigns forever and His love shines forever and always!!!


  1. So glad to hear you are feeling better this time around Joel! What a blessing! :-)
    (Great pictures!)

  2. Joel, great pictures! Thanks for sharing them. I agree with preferring the country. I grew up in the lower mainland, Dale and I and kids moved here 20 years ago, we do not regret it. Glad you are feeling better and getting around to see all the sights. You are an inspiration!
    Kelly C.
    Nikki and Nikita say Hi!