Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Laughter, the best medicine

So, I thought I would show you all some pictures of Joel's room.  He is in the fishbowl this time around.  It is the area where kids are isolated for 100 days while they get their bone marrow.  Joel is very happy that he does not have to be isolated.
This is the lovely wall decor.  A young girl was in this room for a long time until recently.

Lots of Tinkerbell stickers surround the bed.  Joel feel right at home.

The neon yellow is the methotrexate.  He was given 7 liters in total over 24 hours.  It was all finished as of 5:45 pm tonight.  He gets the antidote tomorrow evening.

He has named his IV pole Jedediah Macesmith MacDonald.   He says it's his baby cause he has to take it everywhere with him and it beeps at him all the time.

This morning the resident doctor came in and took all Joel's vital signs.  She checked all his lymph nodes thoroughly and Joel is very ticklish.  Yes, she had him squirming and laughing hysterically.  When she leaned in to check his eyes, she was so close it looked like she was kissing him and I laughed hysterically.
Joel is doing great.  He is eating lots and has had no nausea or other side effects from the methotrexate.  He is looking forward to getting a good night sleep tonight as last night he was woken up at least every 2 hours in order to have his vitals checked.
I am back in my groove and I caused no one to honk in anger today.

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