Monday, July 11, 2011

Oh to have a wife

every summer when the strawberries season comes to a peak
My sister Rachel packs up her 4 kids and comes to visit.
It is a yearly tradition.
I get up every morning at 5:00 am and go pick berries.
Rachel gets the eight kids in the house up and fed.
She washes all the berries that don't sell and she fills my freezer and hers with strawberries for the winter. 
When I come into the house I put my dirty clothes in the wash.  
There is food waiting for me on the table.
The kids tell me all the exciting things Aunty Rachel let them do.
They tell me about who fought with whom and which ones forgave each other.
They tell me about all the adventures they had and about all the unfair chores they had to do.
Then I go outside and work some more.
Later in the day when I come in my clothes are clean, dried and folded.
Today Rachel and her kids are heading home.
I am going to miss them.
The house is going to seem very empty with only me and three kids.
And I come to the realization that a man with a wife is one of the luckiest creatures in the whole wide world. 

 Adam will miss his trusty sidekick salesman.
 As well as all the contests…
Who was the fattest, skinniest, strongest, smartest.
 The epic water fights.
And we dropped a very apprehensive but still excited Ari off at camp.

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