Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Joel had another spinal this morning only this one was done without any anesthetic.   He has been offered the choice to have some of the chemo done in Kelowna but they don't have anyone to do the anesthetic so today was a trial run to see if he could handle it while being awake.  He did fine, which means that instead of going down to Vancouver every 10 days during August and September, he will only have to go down every 3 weeks or so.
Last Friday while at clinic, one of the nurses offered Joel two tickets to the B.C. Lions football game.  He and Grant went that evening.  They had front row seats, right behind the cheerleaders.  They said it was very loud and rowdy but they enjoyed themselves immensely.  On Saturday night they went to a ball at the Western Bay Front.  Then they went to the free concerts at Stanley Park.  On Sunday they went to church and then hung out with Stephen and Keenan.  I was so very jealous.
But I am happy that Joel was able to get out and have so much fun last week cause now his counts are dropping fast and he won't be allowed out.  We always fight about him wanting to go out when his counts are low so I told him I wanted a signed agreement in writing.  The following is what I got from him.

The signer of this document does agree upon the limitations and boundaries placed upon him by his legal guardians due to the current circumstances.  This document recognizes the conditions placed upon the signer when he is medically labelled and diagnosed as being neutropenic.  Such restrictions will occur when the signer's neutrophils are below 0.5 with the restrictions being quarantined to the house or only in the presence of a limited number of healthy people in a sterile environment.  Differing restrictions will occur when the signer's neutrophils are between the points of 1.0 and 0.5.  Restrictions in this scenario will be the ability to go out into public though with a mask in the presence of crowds or any with the least kind of sickness.  Said restrictions may be lifted only in circumstances in which both legal guardians agree.  Begging, puppy eyes, bribery and blackmail are allowed on the part of the signer.  This document will remain in effect until the medical phase of Maintenance does begin.

So, there you have it.  I have the signed document in my possession and I can and will use it in a court of law.

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  1. That's a fabulous document! We laughed out loud when we read it :D