Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Good Month

Sorry I haven't posted lately.
Joel was home most of June and life has started to feel normal again.
Maybe it is because I have been working in the garden.  Having my hands in the dirt seems to ground me. 
Our big news of the month is….

Joel graduated.

My mother-in-law came to visit and she brought me dark chocolate.  Then my mom came and helped pick strawberries with me.  Now my sister and her kids are here.  I am a very lucky and blessed girl.

About a week ago I ran my fingers thru Joel's hair and ended up with a handful of hair.  We knew it was coming so Grant buzzed what was left.   Then Joel buzzed Grants hair.  Adam and Ari said they would shave their heads if I paid them $100.  They chickened out when I got down the piggy bank and started counting out all the coins. 

Joel was supposed to go to Vancouver a week ago but his counts weren't high enough so we got to keep him home an extra week.  On Monday his counts were all nice and high so he and Grant headed down to the coast.  Today he started the day with methotraxate in the spine, then cyclophoshamide and ARAC in the port, and he started a new oral chemo - thioguanine.  It was a full day in clinic, he started at 8:00am and finished around 5:00pm.  Then it was off to The Keg for supper.  He needed to get a good meal in before the ARAC kicks in and he loses all interest in food.
On the home front….
the boys are climbing trees, watching adventure movies, exploring, sleeping in tents and doing all things boyish.  They were whooping it up till the wee hours of the night and they were up again at the crack of dawn with more whooping.
It might be a long, long week.

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