Saturday, April 30, 2011

Our Week

The weather in Vancouver has been beautiful
 Uncle Stephen and Auntie Lani came to visit.  They brought the cutest baby with them.
 Yesterday we went out onto the deck but we only stayed out for 15 minutes.  The methotrexate makes Joel very sensitive to the sun and he was starting to turn red so I forced him back inside. 
 And he had to get his daily exercise on the skywalk.
 Today I packed and made plans to head home.  Joel's nurse was getting ready to unhook him from his IV and then he decided to spike a fever.  So, now he is on antibiotics and has to say in hospital at least another night.  The mouth sores returned this evening as well as the stomach pain but when the nurse comes in and asks him how he is doing he says that he is doing good......  When I ask him how he is doing, he tells me that going through this makes him long for heaven.  I feel torn when he tells me this.  Part of me is happy that he feels that way cause I know that is the whole point.  But another part of me is not ready to hear him be so mature.
Tonight he is falling  asleep to the hockey game.  He is working hard on growing his playoff beard.  Please comment on it next time you see him.  You will have to look close..... very close.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Back in Vancouver

Joel had a good week at home.  He had several side effects from the last chemo but he healed up quickly and was able to get a bit of school work done and hang out with friends.  His blood counts on Tuesday were all high enough so that he could start treatment again this week.  Joel drove the whole way down from Armstrong to Vancouver through sun, sleet, snow and rain.   He did very well except for once when I had to yell for him to "slam on the brakes, no really, you have to really slam on them hard".  He did stop in time...... two inches to spare and he made the people in the car behind us laugh......

The Easter Bunny left a treat for Joel at Ronald MacDonald House

And there was blue nail polish for me, in honor of the Canucks.

This morning Joel went in for his LP (chemo in the spine).  He always comes out of that one very happy and content and he doesn't remember anything about the following few hours after. 
He is also very hungry cause he hasn't been allowed to eat since the evening before.  I always take him to Whole Foods before going to the hospital so he can pick out something yummy to eat.  He is always frustrated though cause he has no memory of what he ate. 
He is way too easy to tease.  This time I told him that I painted his toenails with the blue nail polish.  It took him several hours before he was brave enough to check.

Friday, April 15, 2011

What I forgot to write

What I meant to write yesterday was that the results from Joel's bone marrow biopsy came back completely normal.  Today his counts are: Hemoglobin 91, Platelets 301, White Blood Count 5.2, ANC 4.07, MTX 0.08.  MTX is the methotrexate left in his system, it has to be less than 0.1 for him to leave the hospital.  He still has to be hydrated until 5:30 tonight and then he will be paroled and out for good behaviour until April 26th.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

The past two weeks

Birthdays were celebrated
Lots of cake was eaten

I used my birthday money to buy sweats and running shoes.  Joel downloaded the couch to 5k for me.  I am currently in the middle of week 2.  My legs are like jelly.
The trampoline was jumped on
On Monday, Joel drove himself and his brothers to Merritt.  Grant drove from Merritt to Chilliwack as it was snowing on the Coquihalla.   Joel drove (with me in the passenger seat) from Chilliwack to Vancouver.  I survived, but I don't think my heart will ever be the same.

Adam, Ari and I went to Science World.
Lightning was made.

Strange instruments were played. 
Strength was tested
And we aged.

Boy, did we age.
According to Science World, this is what I have to look forward to.
Adam at 35
Ari at 65

Anyway, Joel is doing well.  He is tired from being woken up at least every two hours the past few nights.  He will find out tomorrow if he gets to come home this weekend.