Saturday, April 30, 2011

Our Week

The weather in Vancouver has been beautiful
 Uncle Stephen and Auntie Lani came to visit.  They brought the cutest baby with them.
 Yesterday we went out onto the deck but we only stayed out for 15 minutes.  The methotrexate makes Joel very sensitive to the sun and he was starting to turn red so I forced him back inside. 
 And he had to get his daily exercise on the skywalk.
 Today I packed and made plans to head home.  Joel's nurse was getting ready to unhook him from his IV and then he decided to spike a fever.  So, now he is on antibiotics and has to say in hospital at least another night.  The mouth sores returned this evening as well as the stomach pain but when the nurse comes in and asks him how he is doing he says that he is doing good......  When I ask him how he is doing, he tells me that going through this makes him long for heaven.  I feel torn when he tells me this.  Part of me is happy that he feels that way cause I know that is the whole point.  But another part of me is not ready to hear him be so mature.
Tonight he is falling  asleep to the hockey game.  He is working hard on growing his playoff beard.  Please comment on it next time you see him.  You will have to look close..... very close.

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