Thursday, September 29, 2011


Joel had a birthday yesterday.  He is now officially an adult and he tells us every chance he gets.

He just wanted a quiet birthday with just family around.  He asked for a black forest birthday cake. Grandma and Jerry stopped by on their way back from Dawson Creek.  
He was very patient and waited till Ari got home from club to open his presents.

I think Joel's favourite gift was the violin.  He has been crushing on it for a long time.
Now, to find a teacher to give him lessons. 
But the absolute best gift was a black mullet wig from Brianna.
All the kids channelled their inner rock star personalities. 
I think we will be starting up a family punk band in the near future.

So, next is more blood work tomorrow morning.  If the counts are all good then Joel will get chemo in Kelowna on Monday morning.  Joel has been doing better this time around.  He is still not eating much but he hasn't been throwing up as much either.  Meat and dairy really upset his stomach so I am trying to cook more vegan meals.  I made him a spicy barley and mushroom soup which he said was the first thing in a very long time that he actually wanted to eat.  Yay!

77 more days until Joel is in maintenance (as long as there are no more delays)

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  1. My boys said that Joel with the mullet wig looks just like Auntie Kirsten... thought you might like to know that...