Monday, March 26, 2012

Last weeks appointments

The appointments in Vancouver all went well.  MRI was done at VGH on Monday, they said it would be about 10 days before a doctor looked at it.  So, that will be the end of this week or beginning of next before we get the results.  It makes me realize how lucky we are to be at Children's for most of Joel's tests cause then we get results the same day or the next day at the latest.
He had chemo on Tuesday, methotrexate in the spine and vincristine thru the port.  That all went really well.  And he started on the steroids again.  His counts were too low so they have taken him off all the other oral chemo.  He will do blood work again tomorrow and if his counts have recovered, they will half the dose again and start him back on it.  So he will be on a quarter dose of what they first started him on.
He had thrombosis clinic on Wednesday and saw Dr. Ambler.  She was very happy with how Joel's leg is looking.  The leg is still slightly swollen and it might always be.  She wants to see Joel again in 6 months and have another ultrasound of the leg done then too.
I told Joel that for Lent this year he should give up having any extra medical issues and emergencies.  He is doing really good with that so far.  I was thinking that if he could go 40 days without adding to his list of issues, that maybe that would be enough time to make a habit out of it!!!!
Ronald MacDonald House was full this time around.  Lots of little kids and some old friends to catch up with.  Mostly all happy stories.  Lots of the kids Joel has been going thru this with are finally growing their hair back and it makes them look so different.  Brittany is doing great with her new heart.  Bronwyn and Noah have hair growing back and are both back doing a week or two of school each month.  Jasper kept everyone in the house laughing, he is having stem cells harvested from his own body this week and they will be put back into his bones later during treatment.  Nicky, who was sent home cause there was nothing more anyone could do for him, has done a complete turn around and is doing very well.  He was just a really, really slow responder after getting his bone marrow transplant.  Justin is all finished treatment and had his port removed.  One of the girls had a stroke after having the high dose methotrexate.  It was a different kind of stroke than Joel had, her CT scan showed a dark round spot in her  brain and lesions.
Yesterday Joel had his last dose of prednesone for the month so it might be a rough week coming up for him.  Coming off the steroids is always painful but still different every time.  Last month he lay on the couch and shook and twitched.  He didn't even realize that is what he was doing.  A double dose of morphine didn't even touch the pain.  Monday morning he said that every muscle in his body ached but the pain in the bones and joints was gone.
On the plus side, he has found a cure for his insomnia….. he just has to open his calculus book and he is out like a light!

Monday, March 5, 2012

For Gramma Gail

Just thought we would give you a preview of what you get to see in a few weeks.
She is growing fast and awful cute.
Adam and Ari fight over her.

We have all enjoyed having Brianna around.  She has been spoiling the boys with lots of treats.
 She also forced them to learn how to change diapers.
She had to bribe them with hockey cards.
 Ari kept his arms straight in front of him and stayed as far away from her as he could.  He even gagged a bit.  Then he ran to the bathroom and sterilized his hands. 
Adam did a magic trick and…..
…. now Ari has a moustache. 

 Joel's hair is coming in nice and thick, and dark.
I am hoping it ends up like his Grandpa Janzen's, black and wavy.
Joel is doing good, getting stronger and walking more everyday.  
He got ID'd for the first time last week….. Just talk to Pastor Jeff if you have any questions about that!
I am trying very hard to fatten him up.  His appetite is improving slowly.  I cooked him beef tenderloin in butter and I make him lots of pudding and instead of making it with milk, I use cream.  Hopefully the rest of the family doesn't develop heart or clogged artery issues.