Thursday, January 26, 2012

What I found in my bathtub!

This is what I found in my bathtub this week.
I have not seen one of these in there for a very long time.
She has a birthmark in her belly button.
It makes it look like someone forgot to wash in there.
 And then I found her sleeping on the couch.
 We have all been fighting over her.
 And taking turns holding her.
 We have her for two more sleeps.
About 54 more hours.
 The house will seem empty and quiet when they go.
And we will miss them.
This is where Joel has spent the past week.  He has been fighting a fever since last Thursday.
He spent Tuesday in the hospital, having chemo and then getting more transfusions.  
The blood work showed that he is malnourished.  I threatened him and said that he either has to start eating or else he will have to start drinking Boost.  He was not happy but promised that he would start eating cause he hates the Boost……. I am still waiting for that to happen.  He has no appetite, doesn't want to drink, can't stomach any supplements and doesn't want to take any vitamins.
The doctors think that he is fighting a virus and that he should start feeling better soon.   He is still off all of his oral chemo but he is back on the steroids this week.
This morning Brianna took him into the hospital for more blood work.  She told him that she would not go in with him though cause then she would faint.
I am making him steak and bison sausage chilli for supper tonight.  Brianna made him cheesecake.  I have Boost in the pantry……….. just in case!

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