Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Year Ago

Exactly one year ago Joel and I drove down to Children's Hospital.  What I remember about that day is what fun we had on that drive, how we laughed and how he was at peace.  The roads were clear and it was a sunny day.  Children's hospital called the cell phone while we were driving trying to set up arrival times and appointment for seeing specialists.  I remember how overwhelmed I felt as I drove into Vancouver, tried to figure out how the hospital parking worked and got lost in such a big ho.  The rest of that day and week was a blur.   Today I find myself totally surprised that a whole year has already passed.

The football game was amazing and loud.  It was a once in a lifetime experience for me.  The stadium was packed and the excitement was contagious.  The roar of the crowd was unbelievable.

So I thought I would post some pictures of the radiation room.
The big machine behind Joel is what administers the radiation. 
It looks like something out of a science fiction movie.
It spins around so it gets both sides of his head.

Here the girls are attaching the mask to the table so that Joel cannot move.
When he is finished he has criss cross marks all over his face.
The actual radiation procedure doesn't take very long but it takes awhile to get him in the exact right position.

The girls told me to turn off the flash so that all the lasers would show up in the pictures.
Joel gets to keep the mask and bring it home when the radiation is complete.

Joel was given 2 tickets for the Canucks game on Tuesday. 
I told him to take his Uncle Stephen.
Then I invited Stephen over for supper and I made him butter soup and crepes.
(Note to Wendy and Rachel....
I am so winning sister of the year this year!)

I drove the boys to the game and came back to RM House.  Then I settled down for the evening, I was going to relax, watch the game on TV and then drive downtown to pick them up later in the evening.
Just as I was sitting down, I was called down stairs.  One of the Canucks wives dropped off three more tickets for the game and did I want to go......
Yes! so I drove back downtown with one of the other moms and her son.
We sat right behind the goalie, 11 rows up from the ice.
Fin stopped and posed for me so that I could take a picture.
See the people way up in the balcony to the top left of Fin's head?
That is where Stephen and Joel were sitting.
I texted them and told them where I was sitting and then we waved to each other.
At least I think that is who I was waving at..... it was too far away to tell.
Anyway, the moral of the story is,
It SO pays to give away your hockey ticket cause then you get to sit really close to the ice. 

This week there are no meals at RM House.  Joel is starting to fight the nausea and is not very interested in eating.  But today we did make apple pie for everyone in the house and Joel managed to eat a piece with some ice cream.


  1. Yes, it would seem that you have 'sister of the year' all sewed up!! You rock!!
    I can't believe it's been a year already... who would've predicted all that's happened!

  2. Grant must be green with envy! You are so getting back at him for getting to see the baby first.