Thursday, April 19, 2012

Yesterdays chemo

It has been a good month.  Several birthdays to celebrate and lots of cake.
I started running again, first with Ari to keep me company but my alarm goes off at 5 am every other day and that is just too early for him so now Grant runs with me. 
This little girl and her family are moving back from Alberta today.
We are all so excited and can't wait to see them

Yesterday Joel sorted out his pill for the week.
I think I saw 52 pills total in all the boxes.
Plus there is all the ondansetron he has been taking as needed.
He has been throwing up lots again and has been quite nauseated for the past two weeks.

Wednesdays and Thursdays he usually spends out with friends.
He has been working hard on his calculus and sleeping lots too.
He is working on his tan too but I keep trying to get him in trouble for that cause all his medications make him very sensitive to the sun.
Yesterdays chemo went really good.
His counts were all good, right where they were supposed to be.
Patti and Lorne had him laughing and that seems to make so much difference.
If he has a grumpy nurse and if she messes up with the needles or puts the chemo in too fast, then Joel gets tense and the reaction to the chemo seems so much worse.
Dr. Waida gave him a thorough physical.
That woman doesn't miss a thing.
She would still like to see Joel put on more weight cause he is still about 10 pounds less than he was 6 months ago.  She is not sure why he is still so nauseated but she is hoping that he starts feeling better soon because maintenance is supposed to be easy compared to everything he has been thru so far. 

And just to give you something to laugh about
Here is one of those pictures that I don't remember anyone taking
And I don't have a clue what Joel and I are doing…..